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Kidney-Chek for Cats

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A 2-minute saliva test to screen for kidney problems in cats. Kidney-Chek is so easy you can complete the test in the comfort of your own home!

Detecting kidney disease earlier in pets, and providing proper treatment, can double their remaining lifespan. 

Here's What Others are Saying About Kidney-Chek

Kidney Chek

I highly recommend using Kidney-Chek for your pets. The test was quick and simple to use. It detected my cat's kidney disease before she had any symptoms! I was able to get a prescription diet and supplements from the vet which will lengthen and improve her quality of life.

Tessa Smith
Kidney Chek

I used a Kidney-Chek test strip on my cat after I started reading about how common kidney disease is in cats and the experience brought me peace of mind. I talked to my vet about the test during my cat's annual and she thought it was a good product too.

Kurt Vongrad
Kidney Chek

Being a healthcare professional, I know how important it is to catch chronic illnesses early. I love this rapid test, it gives me a good idea of how my cats are doing.

Kate McCalla
Kidney Chek

My cat has been having ongoing kidney problems that we, along with his vet, monitor. We tried this testing strip in between vet visits and they proved totally reliable. It was super easy - just put the stick between the cat's gums and cheek - wait a minute or so then remove and wait for the colour change at the tip of that strip. It saves vet bills and travel and we know exactly how our little guy is doing. I highly recommend this strip.

Marion Albergo