Kidney Chek
Kidney Chek

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"The Kidney-Chek saliva tests were easy to order and use! When I tested Fuzzer & Beatrice, I was relieved to see that their test readings were in the normal range. As the owner of a cat lodge that houses 18 cats, affordable health monitoring tools like this are SO valuable!"

Leslie Chouinard, Pet parent & Owner of Catmint Lodge

"Having senior cats means I am always conscious of health. Kidney issues can show fast in cats and having a strip to test the levels is such a peace of mind. I compared the strip to the previous bloodwork BUN levels and it was on par (not perfect, not dire, so it shows it works which means a lot as I was a bit skeptical it would work based on saliva)"

Spike Summers

"Love this product. We were searching for answers as to why our dog wasn’t feeling well, and this helped to point us in the right direction. Highly recommended."

Brandon Halls

"Great customer service and product! I've used kidney-chek many times on my dog and it gives great peace of mind, it was also really easy to use."

Kurt Vongard

"I ordered the test and it was delivered in about 8 days, pretty quickly. I am very happy with the help I received from the Company's customer service. The test was easy to perform although my cat did not really cooperate LOL. Because I was a little unsure about the result, I emailed the pic of the strip to customer service and they contacted me right away with a clear explanation. Highly recommend this product."

Kat A.

"My Kuzco & Cleo didn't mind the easy Kidney Chek at all! It was so easy to do at home. And so nice to know within a few minutes that my cats are healthy! Thumbs up."

Emma Waters